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  • Oil field:

SEAHORSE offers a wide range of services for Upstream sector including offshore support vessels, site surveys vessel and subsea works

  • Onshore plant:

Serving the Petrochemical processing industries, we have the capability to supply our Clients the leading-edge expertise of our top class specialists and provide a comprehensive range of professional services for the following domains:

* Technical assistance and consultancy

* Selection and supply of qualified personnel

* Customized training

* Technical / quality inspections

* Project management


  • Offshore windfarm:

An increased demand for clean energy drives the offshore wind market forward, with new wind parks being built across the globe. The design, constructions, commissioning, installation and maintenance of these wind parks require wide range of services. Seahorse supports the growth of the offshore wind market and the work of its key stakeholders by providing tugs and barges, site survey, crew/maintenance boat, subsea service and technical consultant.

  • Dredging & Reclaiming

SEAHORSE is in partnership with Trung Thanh Co., and other reputable Partner to carry out dredging, oil and gas infrastructure and offshore wind. Main activities are:

* The construction and maintenance of harbor infrastructure and waterways

* Maintenance dredging

* Coastal and embankment protection

* Seabed related activities

* Rock drilling and blasting

* Offshore services (trenching for pipeline, pipeline rock armor protection work)

* Environment activities


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